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From basketball to golf, the sports we love can greatly enhance our lives. But they can also lead to soreness and injuries. Overextended shoulders, pulled tendons, and many other injuries can occur. If injuries are preventing you from enjoying your favorite sports and activities, consider chiropractic treatment. Learn more below, and schedule an appointment with our sports injury chiropractor in Celebration, FL today. Learn more about our whiplash treatments at Peak Chiropractic, and make an appointment today.

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Common Sports Injuries

Whether you throw your shoulder out in a game of softball or mull a muscle on the basketball court, unexpected injuries do occur. Learn more about the most common injuries associated with sports:

Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

While most people think of chiropractic therapy as spine adjustments, that’s just one of the many solutions we provide that can help treat your sports injuries. Discover some of our other forms of treatment and how they can relive your pain:
Massage Therapy

Our massage options can reduce inflammation and restore mobility to your legs, arms, shoulders, and neck. Learn more.

For a non-invasive, non-surgical spine treatment that can improve your back related injuries, spinal decompression is an FDA-approved solution. By gently lengthening the spine, we provide relief for the back, neck, legs, and other areas. Learn more.

Chiropractic adjustments can free restrictions in the spine and reduce nerve irritability. Learn more.

We provide safe and effective laser therapy that is great for reducing pain and inflammation related to sports injuries. Learn more.

Work with our advanced personal trainer, Anthony Sharpe, who has years of experience helping patients with effective physical therapy techniques. Learn more.

This innovative neuromuscular re-education device is great for both helping to speed up injury recovery and enhancing your training. Electrical stimulation helps you recover faster, reverse chronic pain, and get more from your workouts.

Chiropractic is Ideal for Treating Sports Injuries

Whether the injury is a sore rotator cuff in your shoulder or a chronic knee problem, inflammation is likely a major cause of your pain. Chiropractic therapy is proven effective at reducing inflammation, and subtle adjustments may be able to permanently end your pain.

Improve Mobility

Chiropractic treatments also focus on expanding your mobility. Many sports injuries can reduce your range of motion. Chiropractic treatments like spine adjustments, massage therapy, and physiotherapy can help help to completely restore your mobility.

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If you’ve been treating your symptoms with medication and not putting an end to your problem, it may be time to give chiropractic therapy a chance. Make an appointment with Peak Chiropractic in Celebration, FL today to see how we can help you get back to the sports you love.