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The cervical spine is the upper part of your backbone that provides mobility for the neck. This small line of vertebrae supports your head in all of its movements, making it highly vulnerable to a wide range of injuries. Learn how chiropractic therapy can help reduce neck pain below, and make an appointment with Peak Chiropractic in Celebration, FL today.

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Understanding Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, you’re not alone. About 17% of the American population experiences some form of neck pain, with varying severity. Your neck is under enormous pressure to hold the weight of your head and is susceptible to injuries including whiplash, pinched nerves, and a variety of other conditions that can lead to neck pain.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Rigors of Daily Life

From bending and other movements that challenge your neck to holding your head upright as you sit for hours at work, many aspects of daily life can contribute to neck pain.

Aging vastly increases the chances of developing neck pain. Disorders including degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis can lead to neck and back pain.
Automobile accidents and sports injuries are common causes of neck pain. Injuries to the neck can result in pain that lasts for years until properly treated.

How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help

The neck is essentially your cervical spine. Chiropractic therapy deals specifically with spine injuries and adjustments. Using our advanced technology, we can pinpoint any abnormalities in your cervical spine and make the necessary adjustments to correct them. Here are some of the chiropractic treatment options that can provide the relief you need:
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is excellent for reducing inflammation, which is often a source or aggravator of back and neck pain. Learn more.
Spinal decompression can relieve tension in your neck by gently stretching and realigning your spine. Learn more.
Chiropractic adjustments can free restrictions in your neck and reduce nerve irritability to reduce pain. Learn more.

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Neck pain can greatly reduce your ability to live life to the fullest. If you’re ready to find a solution for your neck pain, make an appointment with our Peak Chiropractic in Celebration, FL today.